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Gears of War 3 Season Pass Announced

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Some love the DLC system and some do not, and now with Gears of War 3 you will be able to make your choice on buying it much sooner than you thought. Today Epic announced the Gears of War 3 season pass which will give access to the first four packs of DLC.

The pass is announced to cost $30 which Microsoft has said is a 33 percent savings compared to buying all of the packs separately. The pass is going to be available on the same day as the games release which is September 20th.

Now you may be wondering what exactly the DLC is going to be, and that is a good question but as of right now we do not know. All that was said was that the packs would contain both single player and multiplayer content. Also that the first set of DLC is going to be released in November and then the other three over the course of 2012.

As an additional incentive, buyers of the pass will get the Liquid Metal weapon set which the Lancer edition of this can be viewed below.

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